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2016 Husker Heroes

  I had an amazing time with my fellow West Corporation friends volunteering with the Autism Family Network for the 2016 Husker Heroes event held at the Memorial Stadium, University of Nebraska @ Lincoln. It was heartwarming to see all the kids and elders come out on the field and have fun, interact with the […]

Migrating to WordPress

It’s time to migrate again! I will be porting my blog to WordPress pretty soon, so stay tuned 🙂

Moving woes

I submitted a request for moving (You pack, We move) quotes from various people, including PODS and ABF. I checked out the uHaul boxes and thought that they were a bit flimsy. I also thought that I would need a lot of space for packing and moving my stuff. Protip: The more accurate the description […]

Fading Away

Life bleeds away from me, Every drop, a fading memory. Twinges of pain, oozing from my wrists, A dialogue within, oh the misery. Confidence saps from every pore, Wretchedness and dismay remains. A hollow shell encasing my spirit, Depression, my heartbeat wanes. Lemons of life, a bitter fruit, Squeezed on the open wounds, burning. Trapped […]

Mozilla Fail!

Now, this is something! After Mozilla kept blowing their horn over all the security improvements, and how “Larry”, that security guy in the yellow square would protect users, it seems that it has turned back and bit Mozilla in the ass! Mozilla fail for sure!

Chaos in Bengaluru

The recent Janata Dal (S)’s retarded scheme to have a rally at the Palace Grounds in Bangalore makes me wonder what kind of idiots are the event coordinators. Either they must have been dropped on their heads when they were babies, or they have an utter disregard for the people (Janata). Their antiques put almost […]

I am India

We are now approaching our 59th year of Independence. We people have come a real long way since then. I personally feel that we could have done much better with a couple of changes but I don;t think I can mention them here. Anyhoo I was searching google videos for a particular vid when I […]