Monthly Archives: April 2017

A successful digital transformation requires harmony among Lean, Agile, and DevOps practices

Lean, Agile, and DevOps are all the rage right now. Unfortunately, many companies are succumbing to the cargo cult effect, and are trying to stuff as many buzz words as possible. The focus is heavily on technology as the silver bullet to realizing their strategy. Instead, I feel that we need to approach this with […]

How pursuing a PhD helped me on my Agile Leadership journey

A colleague of mine was recently vocalizing about how people who go for doctoral studies are very academic in nature, and that they revolve around a hypothetical world with theories and constraints. Luckily, the focused learning techniques that I learnt from my Agile Coaching Bootcamp helped me to not get agitated with that conversation and […]

Gamify your meetings for maximum impact

My post talks about how you can gamify your meetings to achieve maximum impact and tangible outcomes. Let me know how this helped you achieve your outcomes.