Moving woes

I submitted a request for moving (You pack, We move) quotes from various people, including PODS and ABF. I checked out the uHaul boxes and thought that they were a bit flimsy. I also thought that I would need a lot of space for packing and moving my stuff. Protip: The more accurate the description of items on the online calculators, the better the quote.

I got a decent quote from R & L movers, and after talking to the owner Ray Oren, I decided to go ahead with them. I soon found out that I had made a really bad mistake. Firstly, they never arrived on the said date, and it was only after my calling them, that I was informed that there was some problem and so they would be able to make it only the next day. Professional courtesy dictates that the customer should be informed well in advance regarding the change in schedule.

Anyways, the movers arrived the next day in the morning. Any checks made online regarding the movers and their history is of no use, as they just have one truck, but the owner claimed to schedule a truck from Houston to Chicago every 3 days. The truck that arrived for our move (1 bedroom) was an unmarked truck, similar to one of the Penske or Enterprise trucks. The truck was dirty and in the dirt was written, “Help! We need Diesel”. This made me worried, and the truck driver spun some yarn about being checked by the cops, and of a faulty meter gauge. The loading then began, and all of a sudden, my move was taking more space than quoted, and this was after my meticulously specifying my inventory. I was then told that I had to pay for an extra 175 cubic feet, and that is quite a lot. Since they had loaded the stuff, and since I was leaving the same day, I really couldn’t do much about it and so agreed.

And then started the problem of the delivery. Suddenly, my move would take longer than specified, and it was a total of 11 days before I got my stuff, and this was because I was constantly calling and asking the owner about my stuff. Please note that the delivery is made by a different company, which implies that your stuff is loaded on one truck, maybe offloaded to another truck, loaded back into a delivery truck and then sent for delivery. My boxes were battered by the time they reached my new home, and one of my end tables had cracked. The delivery people insist on cash, something which was not made clear to me.

On the whole, it was a trying and very strenuous move for me, and I ended up paying considerably more than quoted initially. Another thing is that if you pay using a credit card, you are charged 3% extra, something else that you would want to keep in mind. I would avoid this company, and rate it pretty bad, since they did not arrive on time, did not stick to the initial quote, hijacked the goods, and delivered it very late in very bad shape.


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