Chaos in Bengaluru

The recent Janata Dal (S)’s retarded scheme to have a rally at the Palace Grounds in Bangalore makes me wonder what kind of idiots are the event coordinators. Either they must have been dropped on their heads when they were babies, or they have an utter disregard for the people (Janata). Their antiques put almost all of Bangalore at discomfort, as the roads were held hostage for hours. According to reports, almost 13 flights out of Bengaluru were delayed by at least half an hour as passengers reached the airport after the flights were scheduled to take off. Since the passengers had frantically alerted the BIA officials about the traffic jams, flight operators decided to delay take-off.

School children, who are usually let off at 4:00PM were reported not to have reached home even at 9:00PM, causing fear and worries among the parents and guardians. Other commuters were reported to have been stuck at various junctions for 2 to 3 hours. Bellary road was supposed to have been a total chaos on Monday as well over one lakh so called party activists converged at Palace Grounds for the rally. According to reports, over 15,000 vehicles made their way to the grounds and all kinds of party ***ktards from the various parts of the state descended there to attend the bloody convention. The whole day was screwed up since traffic was FOOBAR.

This so called mega convention, was supposed to have been a show of strength by the JD(S). While, they surely proved their point, they also made several things clear for us. Firstly, they made it very clear that they have no regard or respect for the people. They do not care about people, and they just come and try to interact with the janata only when it is election time. Just to prove a point, they went all the way to inconvenience everyone, and that, is surely not looking out for the people.

Secondly, this shows how retarded the traffic police and the people who approve such rallies are. It is very well known that everyone who is not rich hops in bed with the politicians in Karnataka. Either one has to have money to grease the millions of palms, or one needs to rub shoulders with people in power. And the ***ktards in power know that very well. If one observes the power struggle in Karnataka, a pattern emerges. Firstly, there is hardly a strong party in power. If there is a strong party, then the opposition is equally strong. Politicians spend lakhs of rupees on their campaign and make all kinds of dirty deals to get elected. If we are lucky, we get a party with a majority. More often than not, it is not so, and so a coalition is formed. This coalition is extremely weak, and has loads of false promises, and everyone knows very well, that it would not hold, something similar to a long distance relationship between two jealous lovers. Since no one knows how long the government will hold, the first order of business of the politicians is to get back all that they spent in the elections. This results in dirty deals, bribes, corruption, and all such shenanigans. So, it is only the common man who gets screwed, the same common man who voted these idiots into power. To narrow it down further, the rich can make deals or can grease palms, and so, they are not affected much by this. The poor cannot rise to a better state and so are in the same position. The people who are really affected are the middle class, the hardworking, tax paying middle class. They get screwed over both ways.

The police understand this balance very well, and they know whose shoe to lick. Karnataka police seem to be really corrupt and inefficient. All they are bothered about is how to get quick and dirty money, and how not to piss off the politicians in power. I still remember the way the traffic police used to function, when I was in Bangalore. The state usually pays the state employees a little after the first of the month. So, to sustain themselves, we always used to see traffic policemen at strategic positions on the roads in the first few days of every month, checking drivers’ licenses and registration. They used to catch all kinds of people, and more often than not, they would find a couple of blokes without the proper documentation and they would threaten to issue tickets. In order to avoid the hassle of going to court to pay the tickets, the blokes grease the palms of the traffic police, and are let free with a “warning”. The gained money is now split among the constables and a sub-inspector who makes rounds at collection time. Then, the policeman’s salary gets deposited and the checks disappear. By the end of the month, all the salary is gone and more money is needed till the next payday and so the checks start once again.

Such is the pathetic state of our traffic police. Anyone, with at least an inkling of an average IQ would know that holding a rally in the heart of a city would cause immense amount of problems with respect to traffic, but still, no one seemed to care about it. I am sure that the top people in charge of handling this issue would have been properly bribed to keep quiet and approve the rally. On a normal day, traffic is bad and everyone on the road acts as if they are in a hurry and the others should wait. Now, add with it the gazillion ***ktards coming in from outside! I even heard a report of ambulances being stalled since traffic came to a standstill. I just hope that the patients did not die due to not arriving at the hospital within the golden hour. You would not want to have any emergency during the day in Bangalore, trust me!

Thirdly, all this reveals to us how shoddy our infrastructure is. We do not have alternate routes to move from the city to the places of commute. We have to go through the city. I understand that this is always a problem when it comes to old cities that suddenly have an explosion of growth. But we can always try to improve our infrastructure. Holding rallies in the city should be banned, even for the ruling party at the center. All rallies should be hosted in designated places, and care should be taken so that the normal functioning of the city is not affected.

Bengaluru is a really wonderful city and I am proud to be a Bangalorean. But hearing and seeing all this makes me really sad. As it is, we are slipping from being one of the jewels of India. Hardly any improvement has been made to catch up with the rest of the world in terms of infrastructure. The people seem to have become complacent or resigned to the fact that they are screwed. But change can happen! And it takes all of us to make the change happen. When I was in Bengaluru last year, I was scared out of my wits looking at the traffic. But I still decided to follow rules and the lane system. I was shocked to see that everyone is so impatient to even wait for the signal to turn green. I was at BEL circle at a red light and saw people on either side just ignoring the fact that red means stop, and they just used to jump the signals. On the top of it, the vehicle behind me started getting impatient and was honking furiously. But I still stuck to my stance and waited till the light turned green. The guy behind swerved to my side, and called me an a**hole … for having followed the rules! Wow! And it is not just with something like this. Most of the facets of life in Bengaluru seems to have changed. People just want to do things their way either by hook or crook. The ends seem to justify the means. But that is not true. If one loses their integrity and love for their city/country, then you are not only demeaning yourself, you are raping your city/country. Isn’t it enough that the British did it for 300 years? Do we have to continue the tradition? People, we must understand what we are doing and should change … for the better, before it is too late.


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