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Snow Leopard and Cisco VPN

I bought Snow Leopard (Mac OS 10.6) and installed in on one of my machines. I am performing an installation on my MacBook, and to while away time, decided to check my mails via Entourage. When I started Shimo for establishing my VPN connection, I got the following error: Error 51: Unable to communicate with […]

Google Mobile App update

Google just released an update for their Mobile App for the iPhone. Among the things they fixed was the version number! Wow! That was some critical bug fix they got out there! But it is pretty hilarious!

A useful iPhone tip

Here is a tip to move from one screen to another on the iPhone. Instead of swiping your finger in the direction of movement, to move from screen to screen, it is enough if you tap your finger near the edge of the home screen, just above the dock. This way, you can reduce the […]

How I pimped my Doze!

If you are one of the unlucky souls stuck with a winDoze machine either in the work place or in school, then here is a nice way to mod your box to quench your Linux cravings. My school recently switched to Microsoft Exchange server 2007 and that broke the POP and IMAP connections that I […]

iPhone camera isn’t that bad!

The iPhone has a 2 megapixel camera but unfortunately does not include a flash or image stabilization. This sort of sucks since I have to hold the iPhone in a static position while aim to press the “Click” button on the touch screen. Thats right! I don’t even have a hard button to press with […]

I’ve been iScrewed!

I was one of those early adapters to technology… you know the ones… those who stand for hours, nay days, before a product is released so that they can test the technology first! Well, I don’t come that close, but I did buy my iPhone sometime in the first week (July 3rd, to be precise) […]