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Migrating to WordPress

It’s time to migrate again! I will be porting my blog to WordPress pretty soon, so stay tuned 🙂 Advertisements

Commencement ceremony

Update: Google seems to have disabled the feature where a user could embed a slideshow from Picassa Web. Now that photos have moved to Google Plus, the only thing I can do is share the link. I’m currently researching other options. In the meantime, here is the link:

Moving woes

I submitted a request for moving (You pack, We move) quotes from various people, including PODS and ABF. I checked out the uHaul boxes and thought that they were a bit flimsy. I also thought that I would need a lot of space for packing and moving my stuff. Protip: The more accurate the description […]

Fading Away

Life bleeds away from me, Every drop, a fading memory. Twinges of pain, oozing from my wrists, A dialogue within, oh the misery. Confidence saps from every pore, Wretchedness and dismay remains. A hollow shell encasing my spirit, Depression, my heartbeat wanes. Lemons of life, a bitter fruit, Squeezed on the open wounds, burning. Trapped […]

July 4th, 2008 fireworks display

We went to Lake Grapevine and watched the fireworks display. You can check the entire album at

A poem expressing a Ph. D. student’s feelings

One of the main aims of a research student is to publish as many papers and journals as possible. With the number of conferences and workshops, one would think that it is not a difficult job. However, acceptance in a reputed conference involves a double blind review usually. Professors on the technical committee are assigned […]

I’ve been iScrewed!

I was one of those early adapters to technology… you know the ones… those who stand for hours, nay days, before a product is released so that they can test the technology first! Well, I don’t come that close, but I did buy my iPhone sometime in the first week (July 3rd, to be precise) […]