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Fading Away

Life bleeds away from me, Every drop, a fading memory. Twinges of pain, oozing from my wrists, A dialogue within, oh the misery. Confidence saps from every pore, Wretchedness and dismay remains. A hollow shell encasing my spirit, Depression, my heartbeat wanes. Lemons of life, a bitter fruit, Squeezed on the open wounds, burning. Trapped […]

A poem expressing a Ph. D. student’s feelings

One of the main aims of a research student is to publish as many papers and journals as possible. With the number of conferences and workshops, one would think that it is not a difficult job. However, acceptance in a reputed conference involves a double blind review usually. Professors on the technical committee are assigned […]


Your love, so warm So cheerful, so nice I’¬ím so lucky to have you To brighten my life, While diamonds flash with every smile, Your soft caress, your lingering smell, My mind goes numb, confused, insane, My tongue tries to move, unable to tell. Thank you, oh my darling, For giving me joy, Showering me […]


The sunset so beautiful, peaceful and serene, The creek murmuring, chanting your name, The forest afire with the last rays of the sun, The birds are at roost, agog are the game. Walking under the green pines, The wind whispers, caresses me, Everything is so romantic, quaint, Away from me, why should you be? Anything […]

The wait

Twiddling my thumbs, waiting for you, Time seems to stand still, The clock seems to tick backwards, Seems like the Reaper is out to kill. Patience seems to weigh a ton, Enormous burden for my heart, Distance seems to complicate things, I hate it when we are apart. Wait for the day eagerly, When I […]

Vampyre CONtortica

Terror springs within your heart, Adrenaline rushes through your veins, Eyes wide, searching furtively, Breaths taken sharply, lungs they pain! Along the long road, walking all alone Looking behind your shoulder, apprehensive Fear grows, black and strong, The unknown surrounds you, mind pensive. The vampire steals through the night, Mists part ever so slow, Feeding […]

Mandatory Suicide

Soft sounds of water lapping in your tub, The candles burn, sweet smells divine, Lay back, relax with some wine, The end will come, soon you will die. Cut your wrists up, watch the bleeding, Diffusion of blood, the water turns red, Close your eyes, swallow all the pain, Doesn’t matter now, for soon you […]