I am India

We are now approaching our 59th year of Independence. We people have come a real long way since then. I personally feel that we could have done much better with a couple of changes but I don;t think I can mention them here. Anyhoo I was searching google videos for a particular vid when I came across this beautifully made film. This film is a journey through emerging India,” the fastest growing free market democracy in the world”. It celebrates the relentless spirit of the people of India, who through their karma give it a place amongst the leading economic nations of the world. It is conceived and produced by Bharatbala Productions (BBP) for India Band Equity Foundation (IBEF). Mera Bharat Mahan


Google seems to have disabled the feature where a user could embed a slideshow from Picassa Web.Now that photos have moved to Google Plus, the only thing I can do is share the link. I’m currently researching other options. In the meantime, here is the link:



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