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Gamify your meetings for maximum impact

My post talks about how you can gamify your meetings to achieve maximum impact and tangible outcomes. Let me know how this helped you achieve your outcomes. Advertisements

Be A Builder, Not a Hero

I had a wonderful time at the University of Nebraska, Omaha with the Masters in Management Information Systems Students Organization (MISSO) along with my West Corporation colleagues, where we talked about our technical and cultural transformation. I had the opportunity to talk about our culture around complexity leadership and building leaders in my talk, “Be […]

Drive Cultural Transformation through Continuous Improvement

My recent post “Drive Cultural Transformation Through Continuous Improvement” talks about how we can transform a Command and Control culture to Complexity Leadership through incremental changes, and what behaviors are critical to achieve this transformation through collaboration and Continuous Improvement.

Beyond the Spreadsheet

Our white paper titled, “Beyond the Spreadsheet: Using Data Visualization to Drive Collaboration and Comprehensive Quality” is now available! Please forward/promote it if you like the read.

Are you sabotaging your processes unintentionally?

Every startup or organization starts off inherently agile, but over time, processes shift from simple to complex, to manage the chaos, abiding by the┬áSecond Law of Thermodynamics. As processes gather unnecessary waste in the guise of decision points and stage gates, the resources involved in the processes (with the overall intention of doing good) are […]

Board member for the CAC, University of Nebraska, Omaha

I am very honored to become a board member of the Curriculum Advisory Committee (CAC) at University of Nebraska, Omaha (UNO). It was exciting to see Academia and Industry collaborate and solve common problems! I will be going back to UNO to give a guest presentation to graduate students on visualization of data.