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How the Galactic Empire became an advocate of Lean Software Development principles talks about how the Galactic Empire (Star Wars) became an advocate of Lean Software Development principles. Follow Darth Vader on his journey of using Agile principles in overcoming an apparent lack of progress in a galaxy far far away!


Identify the right change agents to drive cultural transformation

My post, “Identify the right change agents to drive cultural transformation” outlines a powerful approach to choose the right people who can generate momentum and reduce the time of a successful cultural transformation. I also share some tips that I have employed in my transformations that have proven successful

Culture influences and drives Innovation

My latest post titled “Culture influences and drives Innovation” talks about how it is not possible to buy intellectual stimulation, and the difficulties of changing the culture of an organization. You can read it at

Comprehensive End to End Quality

I just published a post on LinkedIn titled, “Comprehensive End to End Quality – a metric focused on fairness, visibility, & defect impact”. You can read it at I am currently in the process of publishing a white paper and a journal/conference paper regarding CEEQ score. Look for it in my updates. Please email […]

I’m a Black Belt now!

Was awarded my Lean Sigma Black Belt for my work on process optimization, which resulted in a 24 – 28% reduction in overall process waste for a value stream. It was an arduous process, but I learnt a lot. I will be using these new techniques to reduce rework and drive waste out of business […]