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A successful digital transformation requires harmony among Lean, Agile, and DevOps practices

Lean, Agile, and DevOps are all the rage right now. Unfortunately, many companies are succumbing to the cargo cult effect, and are trying to stuff as many buzz words as possible. The focus is heavily on technology as the silver bullet to realizing their strategy. Instead, I feel that we need to approach this with […]

Cultural Transformations: Lean and Agile

Had an opportunity to talk at DatabaseUSA about Lean principles and an Agile mindset, and how they can drive an organization’s cultural transformation. Also talked about my theory around identifying the right change agents for this cultural transformation¬†You can view my presentation slide at

Identify the right change agents to drive cultural transformation

My post, “Identify the right change agents to drive cultural transformation” outlines a powerful approach to choose the right people who can generate momentum and reduce the time of a successful cultural transformation. I also share some tips that I have employed in my transformations that have proven successful

Drive Cultural Transformation through Continuous Improvement

My recent post “Drive Cultural Transformation Through Continuous Improvement” talks about how we can transform a Command and Control culture to Complexity Leadership through incremental changes, and what behaviors are critical to achieve this transformation through collaboration and Continuous Improvement.

Are you sabotaging your processes unintentionally?

Every startup or organization starts off inherently agile, but over time, processes shift from simple to complex, to manage the chaos, abiding by the¬†Second Law of Thermodynamics. As processes gather unnecessary waste in the guise of decision points and stage gates, the resources involved in the processes (with the overall intention of doing good) are […]

I’m a Black Belt now!

Was awarded my Lean Sigma Black Belt for my work on process optimization, which resulted in a 24 – 28% reduction in overall process waste for a value stream. It was an arduous process, but I learnt a lot. I will be using these new techniques to reduce rework and drive waste out of business […]