Dinner at Mimi’s Cafe

I visited Mimi’s Cafe for dinner with a friend. The place was pretty disorganized, with a bar facing the waiting area. It was pretty cramped with kids running around, and lots of people waiting to be seated. Not unusual for a Friday night. The bartenders were extremely busy, and were having difficulty keeping up with the continuous stream of orders. Picture kids running in circles and screaming, their cacaphony punctuated by glasses and utensils being dropped. Finally, after a 20 minute wait, we were seated. The seating area was loud and the tables were closely situated, but not overly so.

wpid-mimis-cafe1-300x225-2013-01-4-19-30.jpg wpid-mimis-cafe2-225x300-2013-01-4-19-30.jpgOur waiter was courteous, and prompt. He was attentive to our needs and gave us time to decide our menu. We started with Godiva Chocolate martinis and beef sliders. The sliders tasted heavenly, with the only fault being that they were over before we knew it. The martinis arrived after the sliders, and that was kind of weird. Unfortunately, our waiter was a little sloppy bringing them in, and my martini glass was sticky.

wpid-mimis-cafe3-225x300-2013-01-4-19-30.jpgWe went for a three course meal, starting with a Soup de jour (New England clam chowder), a steak with mashed potatoes as the entree, and a dessert. Our waiter brought bread in the meantime. The bread basket had three different types of bread slides – a dinner roll, a slice of carrot raisin bread, and a slice of banana bread. Though we were two of us, for some reason, only one slice/piece of bread was provided, which I found very odd. Clearly, if the idea was to introduce different kinds of bread, at least one would need to make sure that the guests would have the ability to taste them all, and not share amongst themselves. I looked around, and the same quantity of bread was placed at an adjacent table with three occupants. Wonder what would happen if there were four people seated.

The clam chowder was hot and extremely tasteful. The clams were very vivid, but not overbearing. However, oyster crackers were not provided, which I assumed was traditional to be served with a New England clam chowder. Even before we could finish the soup, our entrees were brought and placed before us. Considering that it was winter, and that food tends to cool down quickly, especially steak and mashed potatoes, the waiter should have at least put in the order after our soups were brought in. By the time I got to my entree, the steak was cold, and unappetizing, and the mashed potatoes had a hard cementy texture to them.

wpid-mimis-cafe4-225x300-2013-01-4-19-30.jpgThe mashed potatoes themselves did not have any inherent taste to them. There were no spices, or garlic added to them, and one would need to use a generous helping of salt to get through with them. The presentation of the food as you can see was not very appealing.

The steak tasted, well, just as if a slab of meat had been slapped onto a grill and seared a bit. They were neither marinated, nor did they have any rub on them. I doubt that even salt or pepper was used to spice them up a bit. I had ordered a medium well steak, but it was definitely a medium at best, and a medium rare at places. Add to it the fact that the entree was sitting on our table for a long time thanks to them being brought in almost immediately after our soup, and you get the picture.

The shrimp was seared in placed, but did not have any additions to them. The plate had the steak juices still sloshing around. Not very appetizing indeed.

wpid-mimis-cafe6-225x300-2013-01-4-19-30.jpgwpid-mimis-cafe5-225x300-2013-01-4-19-30.jpgFor dessert, I ordered the chocolate mousse, while my friend ordered a chocolate brownie sundae. My dessert looked disgusting, especially since it was brown and had bits of strawberry strewn around, with a strawberry glaze at the bottom. The taste wasn’t any better. It was a decent mousse, but nothing spectacular about it. It just looked like two dollops of mousse plunked in a bowl with some fruit thrown into it as an afterthought.

The chocolate brownie sundae tasted way better than the mousse, and I found myself regretting not having gone with it instead. The brownie was well baked, had the right amount of sweetness and chocolate to it, and the amount of ice cream added was just right. Definitely go with the chocolate brownie sundae for dessert.

Overall, it was a decent dinner, except for the steak, and the fact that the entrees were placed on our table almost immediately after soup was served. I might go there again, to sample the other dishes, but it is definitely not a french restaurant as they advertise.


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