Google suggests …

The other day, I was getting pretty bored and decided to just aimlessly browse for a while. I fired up Firefox and went to the Google main page and tried to find some interesting sites. As I started typing random characters, Google promptly tried suggesting topics for me. This gave me an idea and I started screwing around with the queries. Here are some interesting ones:


This is so true. Though I love my iPhone, and vouch by it, there are so many shortcomings that frustrate me. Like the iPhone battery for instance. I seem to have a decent battery life, getting about 10 hours of usage with 1 day of standby, or 4 hours of usage with almost 3 days of standby. But still, I always fear when my iPhone battery will crap out on me. To prolong battery life, I have turned off VPN, Bluetooth, equalizer, do an auto-lock in 1 minute, screen brightness is at 50%, ringer volume is at 75%, disabled the option for the iPhone to ask me to join networks… the list goes on. It is as if I have to stop using the iPhone to use the iPhone! Added to it, I have to carry my charging cable everywhere, in case I need to do a quick charge. Its almost like the iPhone is a junkie and it needs its fix every now and then, or else it will get withdrawal symptoms, and freeze, or get stuck, or hardly activate. As far as I am concerned, the iPhone is like a sexy, seductive model hooked on to a life support system!

I then moved on to some other queries:


I guess all those results shown for “Microsoft is good” was before Vista.



wpid-wpid-googleis-2008-11-13-09-43-2008-11-13-09-43.jpg wpid-wpid-linuxis-2008-11-13-09-43-2008-11-13-09-43.jpg






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