Blogging from my iPhone just got faster!

Blogging from the iPhone has become so much easier thanks to this new application called EasyWriter. This allows me to type in landscape mode, with two fingers. This considerably increases the speed of typing, but at the same time, increases the number of typos that occur. However, I don’t have to worry so much about them, thanks to the superior nature of the iPhone built in spell checker. As long as there is some semblance to the word that I am meaning to type, the spell checker will rectify my mistakes and I hardly have to use the backspace key. Though I can send only text and no pictures, this is a good start.

Now, if only this is extended to SMSes, the application will be really powerful. Coming to think of it, I wonder why Apple has not implemented landscape typing for email or SMSes. One can only hope that they do it in the upcoming updates, along with the much needed and missed Copy-Cut-Paste option

Sent from my iPhone


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