iPhone camera isn’t that bad!


The iPhone has a 2 megapixel camera but unfortunately does not include a flash or image stabilization. This sort of sucks since I have to hold the iPhone in a static position while aim to press the “Click” button on the touch screen. Thats right! I don’t even have a hard button to press with one of my fingers that are gripping the phone. This makes taking good photos really difficult. Last week, we went to Bowman Springs park and the weather was really nice. I whipped out my iPhone, quickly reached the zen-like state needed for taking snaps, and clicked away. I took three snaps in quick succession and I must admit that they came pretty well! Here are some more snaps taken on my iPhone (Click on the images for actual size and resolution)


These snaps have not be edited or touched upon in any way. I must admit, taking good snaps is possible on the iPhone, but one needs to be very very patient.


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