My MacBook goes for a repair


Recently, my MacBook’s trackpad’s button started to oscillate weirdly and started to creak badly. It was almost like a seesaw and I was feeling bad that the MacBook was already giving problems. So, I called AppleCare and after 30 minutes of hearing Apple’s muzak, I was still in the queue. So, I disconnected, and booked an appointment with the nearest Apple store’s (South lake, TX) Genius Bar. Thanks to Friday evening traffic, I ended up a couple of minutes late to the store and explained my predicament to an Apple employee. He told me to go to the Genius Bar and that he would accommodate me. I was pretty impressed, since the store had loads of customers. After a couple of minutes, a Genius comes by and asks me what issue I had with my MacBook. I showed him the teetering button and the Apple Genius said that they had to replace the top cover with the Keyboard Assembly. I was like, sure, why not! He then asked me a couple of questions regarding the system’s configuration and if I had upgraded anything. I had recently upgraded the hard disk drive and told him so. He then asked me the OS, User account and then, my password. Now, I was really wondering why a hardware repair needed my User account and password. The Genius then told me that it was necessary to login to the machine after the repair and see that everything is working fine. I said fair enough, and told him that the machine automatically logs me into my account and so there is no need for a password. However, he told that it was company policy and that I had to give the account and password. I gave a deep sigh and proffered the required info. I then was told to initial and sign the work order. When I perused it, I saw, to my horror, that the account name and password were included in the work order in plain text! I can understand the need for this info, but displaying it in plain text is a little too much! Apple should really address this issue.

Anyways, I was told that it would take 24 – 48 hours for the repair. I was told to give a call by 6:00 PM the next day to check on my order. To my surprise, the next morning at around 10:30AM, I got a call from the store, where I was informed that my order had been completed! That was pretty impressive indeed! When I got to the store, there were loads of people browsing and checking out Leopard and iLife ’08. The majority of people who were coming there were just ordering for iMacs, printers, iPod Touches and iPhones as if there was no tomorrow. The scene was just like in any supermarket, where people just dump items into their carts. Wow! That sight made me wonder if Apple was really catching up with its base, thanks to Leopard, iPhone and the iPod Touch. In spite of such a melee, a store representative managed to retrieve my MacBook within a couple of minutes and the whole process took not more than 10 minutes! So, now, my MacBook seems as good as new, with a new top cover and Keyboard, and a new hard disk.


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