I’ve been iScrewed!

I was one of those early adapters to technology… you know the ones… those who stand for hours, nay days, before a product is released so that they can test the technology first! Well, I don’t come that close, but I did buy my iPhone sometime in the first week (July 3rd, to be precise) of its release. I must admit that it is a wonderful device and a delight to all the senses, but unfortunately, thanks to switching to the new technology, I have been iScrewed! BOOM! as Steve Jobs would say! He just shoved the whole 8 GB iPhone right up my behind! With his announcement today, the 8GB iPhone is now $399. A total of $200 price drop from $599 within 67 days! This is ridiculous. I remember that I had to quit going out for a month, just so that I could set aside money for the iPhone! Thank you Steve Jobs for having given me this thick bamboo up my behind! I deserve this for being a beta tester and a promoter of the iPhone, only to get kicked in the groin. And to think that I paid for the kick too! 67 days of being a shill and a pimp of the iPhone and I get this served to me on a platter! people would argue that this is how technology works, and that prices fall all the time. I would tell them that, yes, I agree prices drop, but a 33% drop within 2 months is not how technology drops behave. Added to that is all the beta testing and the feedback and enhancement reports that we have filled so that you can make the Jesus phone better. Heck, its not pleasant to call it that anymore. We should call it the iBoner…

I just hope that some kind of rebate or store credit is given to us early adapters. Lets see how the next few days unfurl… I wanted to use some real choicy words, but can’t do that in public on the interwebs unfortunately.


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