Your love, so warm So cheerful, so nice I’’m so lucky to have you To brighten my life, While diamonds flash with every smile, Your soft caress, your lingering smell, My mind goes numb, confused, insane, My tongue tries to move, unable to tell. Thank you, oh my darling, For giving me joy, Showering me with kisses, and hugs, Expressing your love with your eyes so coy!
This was the first poem that I wrote to my wife. We were on the flight from Bangalore to New Delhi. I asked the stewardess for a couple of paper napkins (Kingfisher Airlines stewardesses are HOT!) and just scribbled a couple of lines and handed it over to my wife. She incidentally had preserved that paper napkin and showed it to me today. I was touched by that gesture. I mean, its more than ten months into our marriage and she still isn’t fed up of me! I have a good feeling about this one! This poem is dated March 22, 2006.


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