The sunset so beautiful, peaceful and serene, The creek murmuring, chanting your name, The forest afire with the last rays of the sun, The birds are at roost, agog are the game. Walking under the green pines, The wind whispers, caresses me, Everything is so romantic, quaint, Away from me, why should you be? Anything I would part with, Riches, a kingdom, my abode. All comes to naught, all so dull, Searching for the path that you trod. Life so dull, light all so dim, Happiness sunk in a quagmire of pain, Longing for the feel of your lips, My heart is against me, waiting to be with you again. A glimpse of your face, your demure smile, Pearls of your laughter, ringing in my ear, Your soft caress, the warmth of your soul, If only I could be with you now, my dear!


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