Vampyre CONtortica

Terror springs within your heart, Adrenaline rushes through your veins, Eyes wide, searching furtively, Breaths taken sharply, lungs they pain! Along the long road, walking all alone Looking behind your shoulder, apprehensive Fear grows, black and strong, The unknown surrounds you, mind pensive. The vampire steals through the night, Mists part ever so slow, Feeding on distress in one’s soul, Draining the happiness, delivering the fatal blow. Like an Incubus, haunting your nightmares, Perched on a tree, licking her chops, Her proboscis twitches at the smell of blood, Carbonization of flesh, your heart just stops. Protection is prime, in times like these, The children of the Con are on the prowl, They sense the fear instilled in your soul, Lurking everywhere, you hear her satisfied growl!


This was written keeping the Con as inspiration. I feel that we all have to reach out and inform the others about the terrors that lurk around us. People, beware! And kids, don;t take candy from strangers. You may never grow up to realize your follies!


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