A party for Jini


We had one of those La Di Da parties …. U know one of those cheese n wine parties where U have the Classe aristocratique – not the hoi polloi …. all the bigwigs talking crap and getting steadily drunk …. U get the idea. Anyways, we had such a party to send Jini off to Atlanta. Silk cooked awesome Tandoori chicken and I made tortellini. The whole gang came over and we had a nice time. Here are Loof n Goof sipping Blackstone Cabernet Sauvignon. That wine is pretty good stuff. But nothing to beat the Beringer.


I cooked the sauce with the Blackstone and I must admit, it came out better than the last time when I cooked it without wine. Here is a pic of Jin satisfied ….. with the alfredo creamy sauce ….. Too bad Con couldn’t be with us. She seems to have gone back to the Stone Age …being with the rocks n the boulders n all. The last I heard of her, she was trying to beome taller than Mt. Everest by standing on the peak and pointing her nose to the sky. Too bad the officials there didn’t allow her to go skydiving since they couldn’t clear the airspace in and around Colorado (I hope that IS the place she went to) on such short notice.

Sandhya seemed a bit skeptical about my cooking and she was hesitantly nibbling at the food. Kutti on the other hand had already tasted the pasta that I make and so she was happily eating it. Ninu was busy on the phone for that split second, Vidya was , well Vidya. And the last time I cooked pasta (I think it was Rotini), Con didn’t even taste it …. And I was really happy that Hari Potter who had just come to taste the food ended up eating here. That was a really good compliment that he gave me.

The menu was –
1. Cheese crackers made by Raj
2. Asparagus and butter
3. Garlic Bread
4. Tortellini with Zesty Sauce and Alfredo
5. Tandoori Chicken
The wines served were Blackstone and Beringer Cabernet Sauvignon, and the kids had Apple, Guava, and Orange juice, Coke n Sprite to choose from. The desserts were:

  1. Peach Melba without the liqueur (Couldn’t manage to get hold of sherry or cognac)
  2. Chocolate Ice cream with Hersheys (hehehe)
  3. Chocolate cake (filled with chocolate mousse.

Next time, Con is gonna make pasta and invite us. Looking forward to that.


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